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nokia 3100 codesNokia 3100 Codes
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nokia 3300 codesNokia 3300 Codes
nokia 3310 codesNokia 3310 Codes
nokia 3330 codesNokia 3330 Codes
nokia 3410 codesNokia 3410 Codes
nokia 3510 codesNokia 3510 Codes
nokia 3510i codesNokia 3510i Codes
nokia 3585 codesNokia 3585 Codes
nokia 3590 codesNokia 3590 Codes
nokia 3650 codesNokia 3650 Codes
nokia 5100 codesNokia 5100 Codes
nokia 5110 codesNokia 5110 Codes
nokia 5130 codesNokia 5130 Codes
nokia 5146 codesNokia 5146 Codes
nokia 5210 codesNokia 5210 Codes
nokia 5510 codesNokia 5510 Codes
nokia nk402 codesNokia NK402 Codes
nokia 6090 codesNokia 6090 Codes
nokia 6100 codesNokia 6100 Codes
nokia 6110 codesNokia 6110 Codes
nokia 6130 codesNokia 6130 Codes
nokia 6150 codesNokia 6150 Codes
nokia 6210 codesNokia 6210 Codes
nokia 6250 codesNokia 6250 Codes
nokia 6310 codesNokia 6310 Codes
nokia 6310i codesNokia 6310i Codes
nokia 6510 codesNokia 6510 Codes
nokia 6610 codesNokia 6610 Codes
nokia 6800 codesNokia 6800 Codes
nokia nk702 codesNokia NK702 Codes
nokia 7110 codesNokia 7110 Codes
nokia 7210 codesNokia 7210 Codes
nokia 7250 codesNokia 7250 Codes
nokia 7650 codesNokia 7650 Codes
nokia 8110i codesNokia 8110i Codes
nokia nk503 codesNokia NK503 Codes
nokia 8210 codesNokia 8210 Codes
nokia 8250 codesNokia 8250 Codes
nokia 8310 codesNokia 8310 Codes
nokia 8810e codesNokia 8810e Codes
nokia 8850 codesNokia 8850 Codes
nokia 8890 codesNokia 8890 Codes
nokia 8910 codesNokia 8910 Codes
nokia 8910i codesNokia 8910i Codes
nokia 9000i codesNokia 9000i Codes
nokia 9110i codesNokia 9110i Codes
nokia 9210 codesNokia 9210 Codes

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Nokia Codes

Welcome to Nokia Codes. This site is designed to be a one stop resource for all the latest Nokia Secret Codes and tricks. The nokia codes on this site have been categorised by phone model so you should be able to find the secret nokia codes you're looking for.

Nokia Secret Codes

The nokia codes found on this site can do various thinks such as display model information, firmware versions, serial numbers and more. We must stress however that we will not be held responsible for any damage to your phone when using our nokia codes. Have Fun!

Latest Nokia Codes

25/09/03: Added 2 codes to Nokia 3330 Codes
25/09/03: Added 2 codes to Nokia 7250 Codes
25/09/03: Added 2 codes to Nokia 3410 Codes
25/09/03: Added 3 codes to Nokia 7650 Codes

22/09/03: Added 2 codes to Nokia 3310 Codes
22/09/03: Added 3 codes to Nokia 7210 Codes
22/09/03: Added 2 codes to Nokia 3650 Codes
22/09/03: Added 4 codes to Nokia 3410 Codes

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